Friday, May 25, 2012

News about medieval stuff and how much I hate the new Blogspot version

It's been ages since I have posted anything.  This is mainly because Blogspot completely changed their publishing interface and I HATE it!!! I had been using the old one for eight years and it was FINE!

Did I mention that it was FREAKING PERFECTLY FINE?

I did? 
OK, then...

I don't see why they had to screw with it, but they did and I hate it.

Now on to more interesting news!!!
It is once again time for the huge medieval faire at Andilly.  And once again, Severin will be in the daily shows, displaying his sword-wielding prowess.  And I will be singing with my music conservatory pals!!
The girls will be there too, singing a bit and looking beautiful.

We are all super-excited!!

And here, for your amusement is the program for this year.  It's a pdf of the program that will be handed out to about 40,000 people during this event.  And guess who you can see in one of the photos featured on it?
Check out the page marked "Bienvenue au Moyen Age" .
That's right- ME!!! (wearing a red and gold dress) You can also see, Tya, too- but not her face.  You can see her awesome hairstyle, though!

Expect lots of news and pics from this event.  I'm motivated to supress my hatred now and get back to blogging!