Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I said "yes" when I should have said "no", which is how trouble always begins, right?
I normally systematically turn down updates for my anti-virus, browser, etc, because nothing downloads right. Dial-up in Burkina Faso just ain't All That, is what I'm saying. But when the pop-up read" new verion of Internet Explorer", some inner demon prompted me to press "accept". Which resulted in distaster. It blocked my computer so I couldn't get onto the internet! Much weeping, gnashing of teeth, rending of garments and other traditional activities associated with misery ensued. Then I took my laptop to the guys at Liptinfor and confessed my sin. They kept it for four days and I was kind of angry. And when I showed up on Monday, they had unblocked it, but hadn't installed Firefox or a new antivirus. Which made me even more cross. I guess I was in an evil mood as a result of internet-deprivation. And I heartily regretted my snappishness, as the kind-hearted tech quickly installed the two programs, cleared up a few more problems and then refused to take any payment. "It's no big deal" he said. "Enjoy". I tried to press a few bills on him, "to buy a Coke after work", as we say over here. But he refused. A random act of kindness if I ever saw one.

Here's the short version: I"m back.

Valentine FINALLY posted again to her blog. Check it out at

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