Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We were in the car when I asked my children « What’s your first memory ? » It’s always a wise idea to chat, sing and generally keep busy in the car. With four kids in the back (often even more!), the risk of bickering and/or bloodshed is very high unless you keep a grip on things.
Alexa was the first to answer :” I remember when we saw Grammy and Grampy!
“That was just in 2005!” exclaimed Valentine. “She means, like, from when you were really little.”
“I can’t remember stuff from then!" protested Alexa. " I wasn’t even there yet!”

Two nights ago, Mallory went out onto the front veranda to get her guinea pig out of his cage. She wanted Bubbles to come in and watch a movie with her (Open Season. Pretty funny, btw.) As she went out, both our cats came inside. But Mallory rushed back in two seconds later, sans guinea pig. “Mom! You have to come out with me. I just saw a big black mouse. It…looked at me!” As we went out, she told me: “It was bigger than my guinea pig! That’s a big mouse! ” Ick. Obviously, one of the giant rats that prowl the neighbourhood had taken advantage of the absence of our cats to cross the yard. When they had surprised each other, it had stopped and turned to stare at Mallory, quite close-only about four feet away. Close enough. She said it seemed “smart, but creepy.”

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C-A said...

Just came across your blog and am finding it really interesting. I realize that you are writing in more for friends in family but it also makes interesting reading for us strangers!