Saturday, November 03, 2007

The week leading up to Halloween was spent in a frenzy of sewing, cutting, gluing, measuring and the application of lots of shiny black paint. The result was some pretty great costumes and prizes all around!
The kids went trick or treating through the US Embassy grounds. We used to do a house to house thing, but the security officer for the Embassy now says it's a "security risk". So now the kids go round from office to office and get their sweets.
Then there was a great party over at the Rec Center. There were lots of games and a costume contest. Mallory carried off first place with her pirate costume. Severin came in second as Darth Vader. Alexa came in fourth as a goth girl/vampire, but friends assure me that it must have been a political decision, as letting the Jacob family take all three top places might have been looked upon dimly by some.
The other big news around here is that the goat cart has arrived!! Aslan finds it rather alarming, but I'm sure Mallory's patience will win him over. Right now when he's hitched up to it, he can only be coaxed into taking a few steps when bribed by massive amounts of saltine crackers. Expect pictures soon!


Michael Kevane said...

Glad to hear you are fully recovered. Elliot (something called Commander Blade- very goth) and Sukie (mermaid)had a wonderful Halloween... we all say by the fire in front of the house and handed out candy. Elliot scored his first goal in a competitive soccer game, BTW. We are all missing you and living in Zogona... and wonder whether our paths will cross in July when we are back- and you'll probably be gone!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Beth your daughters are stunningly beautiful. I read it's your last year in Burkina and then off to live in the French Alps? Amazing. What a life you lead. I'm glad you're feeling better after an illness in the hospital. I love all your videos. Take good care of yourself, dear Beth.

BurkinaMom said...

Hi Michael! We will have our house until the end of July, so I imagine that our paths will cross. Glad to hear you had a good Halloween.
Hey Lili! Your kind compliment warms the heart of a fond mother. We will indeed be in France for good by August. You should come visit!!!