Saturday, December 19, 2009

When my baby boy was born, he seemed pretty big. His sister had been a dainty 7.5lbs. He weighed over 9.
Now he's nearly six feet tall and, as of tomorrow, 14 years old.

In honor of the event, we are having a party. Right now, there are seven teenaged boys in the living room, eating pizza and playing Star Wars Monopoly. Soon, they will eat this cake:

It's a nearly exact copy of Sev's bass- as near as one can get using cake, fondant frosting and almond paste, anyway. I'm not sure I'll be able to cut it- I think I bonded with it emotionally during the five hours I spent struggling and cursing to create it.
.I'd never before made a large, shaped cake. And I'd never had to color fondant before. It's harder than you'd think, especially in black. I think my hands are permanently stained.
But it looks prettycool, doesn't it?


oreneta said...

That is indeed, very cool. So cool in fact that I didn't realise it was a cake at first!

Joy said...

Pretty cool, indeed! :D It looks fantastic!!

Happy Birthday to your little boy.

Kelly said...

That is so cool! I love it!

The Pliers said...

It is worthy of Michaela Angela!

A true labor of love.

Congratulations and happy birthday to both of you!

Lucky boy, lucky mamma.

babzee said...

Happy birthday, Severin!