Monday, August 30, 2010

So, what happens when Tya, the Girl Who Imprudently Misplaced Her Ipod Headphones takes a long roadtrip seated beside Sev, Possibly the World's Fussiest Teenaged Boy?

Maybe this:

Tya: Sev. Dude. Lend me Your iPod headphones. I'm desperate here.
Sev: No.
Tya (pleading): Dude! Please! Help me out!
Sev (implacable): No. Way.

This initial exchange is followed by further exchanges along these same lines, involving heavy use of the words, "dude", "please" and "no".
The sanity of Tya is also called into question several times.
Finally, after several minutes of this:

Sev (resigned): Alright.
He sighs heavily and pulls a small bottle of hand sanitizer out of his pocket.

Tya looks at it blankly for a moment, then grabs it and puts a bit on her hands. She is distinctly heard to mutter under her breath the phrase "You are SUCH a freak."

Tya then puts out her hand to take the headphones, which are not forthcoming.

Sev: Your ears.
Tya (disbelieving): What?!
Sev (patiently, as though talking to a particularly stupid dog): Put sanitizer in your ears.
Tya: You are beyond a freak. I don't know what you are.

She squeezes a bit more of the blue gel onto her fingers and rubs some inside of each ear.

Sev inspects to make sure the interior where the headphones will touch her ears is completely covered.
He finds she has missed a spot and makes her apply more.

Tya (through clenched teeth): Are you happy now?

Sev (doubtfully handing over the earphones): I guess. This really isn't hygienic, you know.

Tya (grabbing the earphones): Über. Freak.

The above is something that could have possibly happened while we were driving to my MIL's place in the northeast of France last week, if my eldest daughter was very disorganised and my son a borderline OCD case....


The Pliers said...

In a word, "Superb."

I cannot even begin to imagine having had a parent who was so interested in me as to have been able to craft such a delightful and human post!

Joy said...

I am snickering and giggling all at once, here. Sev sounds *just* the same as my younger brother, who is *still* very fussy about his clothes and things (my mom's uncle used to call him "The Judge", because he would sit so seriously and solemnly to eat oh-so-neatly at the age of 18 months), and who, when he was older, used to sell us (my sister and I) his leftover Halloween candy. :D

It's lovely to have your posts to read again, Beth! :)

Momma Bee said...

Borderline?? You are so kind to refrain from pre-casting your son in this popular role. IF he is serious about picking up - what, earwigs? - from the sister with whom he lives, then I hope he is headed for a career in a microchip lab, or some other sterile environment. But I think he is simply perfecting his talents for torturing his sisters. You have given him a lot to work with! (Momma Bee - formerly Babzee)

Heidi said...

I agree with Momma Bee - BORDERLINE?!


I recommend bringing some sanitizing wipes for the next trip. Easier to wipe off headphones than ears ;p

oreneta said...

Sounds like my kids! OMG.