Monday, October 04, 2010

There are two new household members chez moi and it's about time you all met them.

This is Dexter:
(Don't worry, he is not a serial killer. As far as we can tell.)

And this is Daisy:
Shortly after our beautiful Cleo was killed, I drove the girls down to the local animal shelter. We stood in a room among about 20 lovely cats, hard-pressed to choose only one.

So, we did what any decent people would do: we chose two.

Daisy was sort of a wretched specimen, really. She was quite thin and her fur was scruffy and matted. The eye passed right over her...well, mine did, anyway. But she caught Mallory's attention.
"This is a good one, mom!" she insisted.
And she was right.
Dexter also kind of blended in at first, but when Valentine picked him up the first time, he put his paws around her neck and gave her a big hug. And who could resist that?

As you can see, Dex and Daisy really enjoy the new addition to the house. (nice transition there, no?) The little blue sofa is cosy and Mallory loves to curl up there to read. But the cats prefer it when some unlucky soul leaves his jacket on the coffee table, as that provides a perfect bed/cat fur repository.
The left corner of the room is nice and sunny- perfect for the huge ficus plant that used to loom ominously over our dining room table. It was a little....overwhelming for the space it occupied before - but now the giant plant is out of our way, safely tucked into a bright corner.
So, you can see that the room finally has a real floor and actual furniture.
And even better- it now has fancy decorations:
We picked up this old mirror at the thrift shop on Saturday.
So, we've got that whole "shabby chic" thing working for us.

I've got plenty more pictures for you...mostly from our kitchen remodelling project. I hope to get them up soon. I don't seem to be doing very well with my blog lately, though. Lots of stuff going on here, blah, blah, etc. ...
But luckily Tya is taking up the slack. In contrast to me, she's blogging more than ever.
Go check her out!


The Pliers said...


That's a tough post to comment on gorgeous felines AND fancy new digs!

Congratulations on having brought the addition to fruition and having even gotten the finishing touches done. It looks beautiful––airy, light, and cozy all at the same time. I'm delighted for you all. It must be nice to have the extra space.

And your new furry friends are fantastic! It's so great that they get along with one another. They have no idea how lucky they got to be chosen by your family. Bravo for them!

Joy said...

What beautiful cats - and hugging cats are the very best. :D

The addition is lovely - I really like the floor! - and, oh, the sunshine in that corner of the room must be just spectacular!! *sigh* (Says she of the never-ending grey skies and rainy days of the summer that wasn't.) And more remodeling photos? Bring'em on! :)

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Love the cats and that mirror is fabulous. Diane

oreneta said...

Nice cats, nice plant, nice room, and mighty nice to hear from you again!

Anonymous said...

What pretty kitties! I tried to talk my husband into going to the journee portes ouvertes this past weekend, but he knows me too well and refused to go!! Probably scared we would come home with 10 dogs or something... What a nice new space for your house as well. We are considering adding on to our current house....

david santos said...

Really beautiful cats. I loved this posting. have a nice weekend.

Ksam said...

The addition turned out really nice - and I love the flooring!!

Anonymous said...

Your new cats are lovely... I am quite envious. I never say anything, but I would just love to have a cat. A family of 4... all but one(me) are HIGHLY allergic to pet hair... so I keep my desires to myself.