Friday, March 04, 2011

The New and Improved Romanian Handyman aka "Paul" (which is admittedly shorter to say, but way less fun to write!) has been working steadily since Sunday morning, putting in 10 hour days.
I think he's pretty tired out at this point, but at least now we can finally really see some progress!

Here's a preliminary before and after for you:

You can see in the left photo the green wall that separated the bedroom from the hallway. Below, you can see that the wall is gone and now the balcony that was in the hallway is part of the twins' room. And the room is about one meter wider than it was. FTW!

Here's the new wall out in what is no longer really a hallway, but more of a landing...
Paul finished plastering it this morning and is painting it right now.

The disgusting wasp megapolis in the ceiling has been replaced by insulation. (Nice, normal, bought-in-a-store, insect-free insulation.)
Plasterboard has been installed and it's all been nicely finished...

Sev had to help out quite a lot yesterday- which he loved because of the awesome outfit he had to wear. jk lol!!!!


Joy said...

Looking good! What a great use of the former hallway, and the extra light in the bedroom will be lovely. And the "nice, normal, bought-in-a-store, insect-free insulation" for the ceiling is wonderful. ;)

oreneta said...

The girls must be delighted, especially with the balcony! Remind me not to take holidays with you guys though, m'kay? Looks a little strenuous.