Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Grandes Medievales d'Andilly 2011: Part I, In Which Ae Terribly Geeky and Proud of It!

We spent last weekend in full-on geek mode, enjoying ourselves at the huge Andilly Medieval Fair.

This is the third year we've gone, but the first in which we were actual, official participants!

Since September, Sev has been in a medieval combat group, and when it's time for the fair, they put on quite a show!

As you can see, there's quite a crowd- this is one of the biggest historical fairs in France!

In the photo below, Severin is just behind the flag bearer, carrying the group's blason on his back.

And you can see him in the doorway of the tower, ready to defend it from enemy incursions!

To add to the fun, I managed to convince some of the people that I sing with at the Conservatory to come out to the fair to sing with Tya and me!

Three showed up on Sunday and we had a great time walking around and entertaining the crowds. It reminded me so much of the good old days with the LHS Madrigal Singers!

The fair continues for three more days next weekend and we'll be there for nearly all of it.
And on the 12th, there will be lots more people from the Conservatory to sing - at least 10 besides Tya and myself.

(Also- please note that Sev and Tya's rock band has a concert on the 11th!)


oreneta said...

What a blast and so cool that your kids are into it too....as I am sure I have said before, my kids would DIE of embarrassment, which is a shame, really.

Joy said...

Oh, how cool!! I wish we could have been there to watch and listen to y'all, and to enjoy the rest of the fair... Perhaps another year. :)