Monday, December 12, 2011

On Sunday afternoon, the Annemasse music conservatory gave their annual Christmas concert. I participated, just as I did the past two years- but this time it was much more fun because Valentine was there singing with me:
(This isn't a great pic, as it's kind of blurry- but it's the only one where you can get the full effect of our concert garb. I think we looked kind of elegant!)

The church was pretty full, but not as jam-packed as previous years, when it was standing room only.

Vivaldi's "Gloria" (RV 589- the famous one) was on the program.

It went really well and a good time was had by all.


oreneta said...


There is a choir here in the village that I keep thinking about joining, but they are fairly awful and the hours are, for me, terrible. Glad yours went so very well....for both of you, what fun.

Joy said...

Beautiful! How lovely to have Valentine sing with you this year. xo