Monday, December 17, 2012

So...I woke up to a flooded cellar this morning.
 It looked like this:
Right now I've got a couple of guys pumping it out and we're hoping that the heat pump, washer and dryer and all the rest have survived their night with their little feet in the water.

It's all kind of depressing.  
Why don't we instead look at this:

This is me and two of my lovely daughters last night at the church of Saint Joseph in Annemasse.  We were just getting ready to perform at a big Christmas concert there.  Since September, the girls and I have been rehearsing for it with the Ensemble Vocale of the conservatory there. 
This year's piece was Mendelssohn's Psalm 115.
The Ensemble usually sticks to Baroque music, so it was fun to try Romantic for a change...


oreneta said...

Well, aren't you all lovely!

How did the concert go in the end, I assume well.

The Pliers said...

I can well imagine feeling "swamped" by the unexpected flooding of your basement and I do hope that by now the plumbers have been able to get it pumped out in good part, if not completely, and that you are on your way to having a--if not warm--dry sous-sol.

I am happy for you and your family that you have created inspiring artistic passions toward which you are able to turn your attentions while the pumps thwump away.

You all look beautiful and, I suspect, sound like angels on earth.

Bonne continuation from deepest France!

Reb said...

Congratulations! You have been nominated for the Liebster award. I don't know what the meaning of it is, but it must be something good (I hope you don't mind being nominated)...