Saturday, April 20, 2013

I won't go into the specific, horrid details, but I have been sick for about the last three weeks and it has really cut into our fun here in the USA. While in Avignon, I came down with some kind of flu and I had thought it was almost gone when I got on the plane in Geneva on the 10th. But I was coughing by the time we got stuck in Denver and I quickly re-infected poor Valentine. Then we got to Lincoln and made my mom sick. And now poor Mallory is sick in bed. Here's a nice picture from two days ago, back when she was one of the few healthy people left in this House of Plague.

(That's my parent's new dog- a rescue Wirehaired Terrier named Tess. She's very calm and sweet.)

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oreneta said...

Sounds gruesome. Hope you all get better very soon, and I am so glad I wasn't on any of your flights!