Thursday, August 10, 2006

The lovely mountains of the French Alps boast many charming chalets, milk cows sporting enormous bells and postcards featuring marmots. They do NOT have any internet cafés. And not many of our friends here have internet at home. Guess they are mostly busy milking cows and skiing and don't have time to waste on Ebay and other frivolous indoor activities.
Our house here is great, but FREEZING. The sun shines, but the thick stone walls don't let much through. We are at a high altitude- 800 meters. What is that in feet? 18,000 or so, I'm sure....I definitely need a goretex snowsuit and oxygen. A Sherpa would be nice, too. He could help clean out the garage.
I want to blog again soon, but will make no rash promises.
Until the next time.

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