Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I have only been back in Africa for 36 hours and I have already realized that I made a serious mistake while I was in France. I bought a PC notebook to replace my disintegrating Mac. Now that I have to actuually use the damn thing, I realize that I just should have sold one of the children and gone ahead and bought a new Mac. My mistake. The thing is, I'm rather fond of all of my kids and I thought I could get used to a PC. Right. So far, my family has been treated to a drawn out demonstration of how many times a person can use the word "crap" in a single hour. When I came out of my office to have lunch just now, JP asked me "How's it going with your crappy piece of crap?". At least I'm helping him improve his command of colloquial English.
I have also just realised that many of the pics on my blog have now disappeared, as they are all stored on my old computer. Crap.
Anyway, other than the computer fiasco, all is well. Alexa had her tonsils and adenoids out. She was three days in the hospital and then had eight days at home, staying away from germs and resting. She could only eat soft food and couldn't set foot outside the house, so it was very boring for her'. Unlimited ice cream lost its charm very quickly.
I have a few photos of our trip on a disk and hope to get them onto Photobucket this afternoon. I also hope to be adding to my blog steadily for the next few days, filling you all in on our stay in Europe.

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