Saturday, September 02, 2006

I gave myself a birthday gift yesterday- I DIDN'T open up the PC even once all day. It was a great relief not to have to face it. Is that pathetic, or what? I did get a few other gifts. The children gave me various objects they had made for me out of melted plastic bits. My friend Dana gave me a book:"Twenty-four Italian Songs and Arias of the 17th and 18th Century For Medium High Voice". I have a rather better idea of what to do with this.
Today, I am 41 years old and once again girding the beast in its lair- or rather, in its soft-sided carrying case. Today's mission was to load pics on Photobucket and do a nice blog entry. Things are looking grim on both counts. It takes ten minutes to load one picture. So, I have not made impressive progress downloading all those French vacation souvenirs. And I'm not at all sure this is a "nice" blog entry, or even a faintly interesting one. I really do plan to blog about our stay in France, but the atmosphere around the house is not conducive to organizing thoughts in a coherent manner. School has not yet started for the junior members of the tribe. That means that they and their approximately 3000 little friends are rampaging around this house 24/7, what with the sleepovers and such.
School starts on Tuesday, then I can start to recover from my so-called vacation.....

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MLW said...

Happy Birthday, Beth! You deserve a break from the hassles of the machine (the computer and The Machine in general). Welcome back to Ouaga -- how did summer fly? Anyway, glad if 41 finds you in good spirits. Here's hoping it's a peaceful, healthy, prosperous year!