Sunday, February 04, 2007

As we watched an episode of Lost last night, we saw Locke dangle a plastic bag of what looked like oregano in front young Claire. I thought “ Yay for them! They can make pizza!” But of course, Claire knew what Locke did: the bag contained (dramatic music here) heroin. Naturally. Nothing as banal as a useful herb or spice.
It’s weird . Locke is a middle-aged guy that used to have a low-level job in a box company. Claire is a nice 19 year old single mom with no criminal past. And yet, like all people in movie-land, they know a bag of heroin when they see one.

“How is it that people on tv shows and movies always know what drugs look like? I’d have no clue what the heck that was.” I said to Valentine.
“Yeah.” she agreed. “ It looked like pepper to me.”
But I guess all the shows would be much less thrilling if the characters just shrugged their shoulders and started cooking……..

Now that I got that off my chest, (That felt great. Thanks.) ,on to another subject: my weekend. Saturday was spent at the Rec Center, selling off outgrown clothes, toys and videos. They had a small jumble sale/fun fair that was put on by the Embassy. I sold lots of stuff. My only complaint is that my table was in the sun and I ended up getting rather burned

There was an evening mass at our church that night. Then we followed up with dinner at a crepe restaurant. It’s a nice place, owned by a Burkinabé friend and her husband. The kids all love it, so we didn't have to sit through any suicide threats.
My only problem with the place is the Brittany seaside décor. I really, really hate interiors festooned with fishing nets, models boats and pictures of ( shudder) lighthouses. (Amazing fact: JP also has a horror of the Fishing Boat School of Decorating. We were truly meant to be together) Not a bag of heroin in sight. But then, how would I know?

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leenam said...

when you described the sea-side interior decorating of the crepe place i knew exactly were you were talking about! their bannana splits were a god-sent when i was craving home!