Sunday, February 25, 2007

I was hoping that my twins’ birthday party yesterday would provide lots of good material for today’s blog entry. It turned out to be a very typical kids’ party except for two things:

1. There were three sets of twins at the party. They made up 30% of the group. Come on and say it with me: “Oh! How cuuute”

2. As Mallory ripped open one of her gifts, I heard one of her little friends say proudly “See! It’s a vegetable keychain!” Mallory held up an orange object sewn out of plush fabric with a grinning mouth and demented-looking eyes printed on it. It wasn’t precisely carrot-shaped. It was considerably shorter and thicker, with a funny-shaped end at the top.
Mallory’s brow wrinkled as she dangled it. She leaned forward to see the writing embroidered across the bottom of the thing
“Funny Sex” she read in a loud clear voice. (She’s proud she can read in French and English.) “That is not a carrot” she announced authoritatively.
She was right. It wasn’t a vegetable, it was a condom: a fuzzy stuffed toy condom with a face and an attached keychain.
So, here sits Mr. Not-A-Carrot on my desk, right beside my computer. I am really regretting that my digital camera no longer works. A picture would be worth a million words on this one.

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MLW said...

Forget Papiers, you should go into the fuzzy stuffed condoms-with-faces keychain business!

Please pass on a belated happy birthday to M & A. I spent their birthdays (and mine) in Laos, just got back and am enjoying catching up on your tales. It's interesting travelling in one of SE Asia's poorest countries -- even the people with very little have a lot more than many of your Burkinabe friends, in part due to an ecosystem that always can provide a little food and a little shade, and in part due to proximity to thriving economies on both sides. Fortuantely, our Chinese New Year in Bangkok did not require any public singing on my part. Kudos to you for performing! Back to sorting pictures...