Monday, April 23, 2007

I just stumbled onto this out there on the internet. It's an unauthorized version of me, pasted together out of bits and pieces of myself that I've left scattered around the web. I found it a tad creepy at first. It was definitely unexpected. But then I thought "Hey! This person likes me enough to spend time tracking me down, cutting and pasting. I have a! And as I live in an obscure African nation, there is only a very slim chance that this person will fly here, break into my home and rearrange my underclothing drawer. So, there is no downside, as far as I can see. Cool !"
So, go have a look around the site. There's only one page of Burkinamom, the rest is collected bits and pieces from elsewhere in the world. Some of it is quite interesting.


Samantha said...

That's really creepy!

Barbara said...


strudel said...

Ashes on head, wearing a sack, knees ont the cold ice, (to be continued)