Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm spending this afternoon printing out a hard copy of my blog. What if the Blogspot servers were consumed in a tragic fire? Engulfed by a tsunami? Attacked by blog-hostile aliens getting crazy with the EMPs? Living in Africa really drives home the absolute knowledge that Something is Going To Go Wrong. Disaster isn't just around the corner. Disaster is already at your house, sitting in the best TV watching chair, eating all the cashews out of the mixed nuts.
So, being very closely acquainted with all that can go wrong in life, I have decided that I really need a tree-based, plastic-encased version of Burkinamom's Life in Africa. That way I can reread it when I get back to France. I'll be sitting on a blanket in the green grass, admiring our view of the Alps and Burkina will seem very, very far away.
I've got 100 posts printed. Only about 85 more to go!
I couldn't print anything at all this morning, as there was no electricity. It goes off most mornings, as does the water.


Anonymous said...

I have a hard copy of it up until September 2007.

Well worth the trees!

Love, Lynsey

babzee said...

May you never find out how many hard copies of your blog have been printed and enshrined.