Friday, February 29, 2008

Ouaga is recovering today. As I drove into the center of the city this morning at 7am, I saw soldiers and CRS agents (riot police) stationed at many intersections. The newspaper vendors were more busy than usual, too. Everyone that can read is eagerly searching for news, as so little was available yesterday. I managed to get a hold of three different ones. The headdline of the Observateur Paalga reads: "Business Dead, City Hot".
But most of my information this morning is coming from our driver(Mahama) and our cook, Cecile. They both live in the neighborhood of Tanghin (23). Along with the Patte d'Oie (15) at the opposite end of the city, it was among the hardest hit areas.

I need to get over to the Paper project now, so this is just a quick update to tell you all that we (and all our friends and helpers) are fine.

Also, there are still problems with the internet here. I couldn't get on at all yesterday afternoon and evening. And I still haven't been able to access my email. So, sorry about any messages I'm not answering. If it's urgent, it will reach me best through the "comments" on this blog.

In my next post (this afternoon, I hope) I'll write about yesterday's events from the point of view of Mahama and Cecile, who were in the midst of it all.

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Thanks! Be safe...