Friday, February 29, 2008

For excellent insight into the sitatuation here in Ouaga these day, please read this from a very good journalist living here in Ouaga ( just two blocks away from me, actually).
His is a serious blog, where you will learn useful stuff and not have to read about how he got headlice or hear him sing the praises of hot glue guns.


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Anonymous said...

i LOVED the hot glue gun post! (plus all the other ones.) no offense to the "serious" blogger guy but i think the glue gun was the first blog entry that actually made me laugh out loud. i actually just bought myself a hot glue gun a few weeks ago when one of our fake dollar stores when into liquidation (it was a $1, as was the extra bag of glue sticks). except the cord is approx 15 cm long, how useful is THAT? however it DID remind me of my possible demise into the NRA if i actually lived in the states. PS. baarka for the ongoing updates on the ouaga situations...