Wednesday, November 22, 2006

As soon as the SIAO finished, I embarked on a program of household improvement, to make up for the month or so of neglect. First of all, I had the house fumigated. (Fewer bugs is definitely an improvement, don't you agree?). The problem was ants. Previously, they hung out in the kitchen. I was ok with that. But recently, they started venturing out into the livingroom. Onto the sofa, even. I think they were just hoping to have good seats if the kids put on that Bug's Life video again, but that's no excuse. Anyway, filling the house with poison meant we had to go live in the house of our kind neighbors for three days. They are in Germany right now and said their casa was our casa. Not to say that it was stress free - I spent the whole time lunging at the kids shrieking "DON'T play with/touch/use/look at/breathe on that! This is not our house!". Few things kill a friendship faster than having your home destroyed. (Don't worry, Tony and Kirsten. Your house is still standing) We ended up staying about a week, as I had our place repainted immediately after. Then a mason joined in the fun, as there was a hole in the wall to repair and new tile to install. Then the water heater had to be replaced...It often seemed overpopuated around here, what with my three household help women, six painters, a mason , two air-con installers, the carpenter, the plumber, the gardener, the security guard and the driver...not to mention the four kids, their pals and a partridge in a pear tree.
No wait- that's next month.
The house is taking forever to finish. My car has been breaking down every two days. Alexa has a cold. Mallory has headice. Again. And gave them to ME, which I figured out at about two in the morning, which caused me to LEAP out of bed as though I'd received a severe electric shock via a cattle prod to my pancreas. I spent the next four hours shampooing my hair with lethal poison and combing it with a tiny, sadistic comb. Yeah, lice. I am about ready to set off a thermonuclear device on top of my head. I figure the residual radiation would kill off any lice left on the kids. Damn I hate these things. It's roaches for hair! How messed up is THAT? A good (?) pal of mine just wrote:
"I guess that the shortcut of locking Mallory in the house whilst it was being fumigated didn't occur to you, did it? You should consult with me on these things." Always one step ahead of me, that Barb!

Anyway, what with all the running (and riding) around for Papiers, organizing the house and keeping up with life in general, I have been getting a tad exhausted. My solution? Take eight children camping in the African wilderness! Of course! The kids rode bikes, rode horses, played baseball and re-enacted all six StarWars films. I got no sleep. The four younger girls, who I had thought would chatter all night, promptly fell asleep, while the three boys howled like maniacs until about 3am, at which point I unleashed my flying monkeys.
I am still not feeling very perky, but life goes on. The car is still not fit to drive, so I am home today, blogging, answering emails for Papiers and making a giant cake shaped like a turkey. Don't ask.


lu said...


i stumbled across your site a few weeks ago and even though it does not get updated daily, i always get a good laugh at your sense of humour. to be honest, your stories and your way of describing your whole family's adjustment to daily life are great. i work a lot with immigrants from west africa, so i am personally loving seeing the reverse in action: a north amerian "immigrant" family living and working and trying to get used to the ways of african life.

i am truly surprised you do not have more comments, or visitors to your site. but on behalf of me, merci. barka.

(and don't ever worry about not updating your blog regularily - keep living your life - never feel guilty for spending more time actually *living* your life than trying to tell us blog readers about it. too many bloggers are wrapped up in what other bloggers think about them, they even change their daily habits just to please the virtual world).

i say, happy bug-free existance! hopefully the lice and ants won't even know what hit them! PS. what happened with the SIAO stuff?

BurkinaMom said...

Gee...I had hesitated about blogging on headlice. I was expecting at least a few comments along the lines of: "Only filthy, disgusting people get lice. How can you live with yourself, Trailer Trash Woman?"
Instead I got a thrilling NICE comment from Lu! Thanks, Lu, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Update on the VAO: NO news from the committee. Sigh.