Friday, November 24, 2006

Well, the turkey décor cake astounded and delighted everyone yesterday. Not like there was that much competition in the astonishment department. We had Thanksgiving dinner with a whole bunch of Southern Baptist missionaries. They make great cornbread stuffing, but are not very full of surprises. None of that disturbing political talk that mars so many holiday meals. The main topic of conversation was: “God: How Great is He Anyway? Extremely or Profoundly? Discuss.” Which is a perfectly excellent topic for Thanksgiving Day chatter. Certainly better than getting all worked up over Iraq, risking poor digestion and getting depressed.
I doubt much could lower my spirits today, though. We are in at the VAO!!!! Yes, it’s true. Eugenie signed the papers this morning and they handed over the keys. Papiers du Sahel Recycled Paper Women’s Cooperative is now a tenant of the Village Artisanale of Ouagadougou! I can’t believe that it happened so fast. I figured it would drag on into January. And here we are scrambling to get shelves built and concrete poured. Yes, we have lots of work ahead. The “boutique” part of the place is there, we just have to furnish it. But we need to install our own workshop area behind the main building. Luckily, it happens that we have about a million cfa at our disposal to take care of this, but it’s still quite a job to figure out what we want and how to do it…… But that will all get settled pretty quickly. The main thing is that we can set up and be selling for the holiday season!!!
BTW-I am having trouble with my camera, so I have no pictures to offer of my cake masterpiece or our space at the VAO.

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Ali la Loca said...

Congratulations to you and all the women. What a cool accomplishment. Good luck with all the preparations.