Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The winner of the Ouaga Rec Center Halloween Costume Contest was Mallory in her geisha outfit!! The winner of the pumpkin carving contest was Valentine. Severin took second place. (I hasten to add that there were MANY kids at the party, not just Jacob progeny)
There was Trick or Treat at the US Embassy. The kids went from office to office getting goodies and being made much of.
There were plenty of fairies and princesses. Alexa decided that she was sick of that kind of boring stuff and decided to be a Vampire Girl. Note the rubber boots. That's what vampires wear so they don't ruin their good shoes with blood. Imaginative, that child.
Severin and his two best pals had decided back in September that they were going to be the Theree Musketeers. I designed the costumes and had them sewn here....
BTW-there have been major problems at Blogger (the site where I write these posts). Everyone has been prevented from publshing for days. I have been wanting to publish SIAO updates, but it has been impossible. Hopefully, the problems are over now....
Also- check the Photobucket album for more Halloween pics, if you like that kind of thing.


MLW said...

Now there's a Halloween scare--the spectre of Condaleeza Rice's face in your blog!

Fantastic costumes, all of them -- tell Alexa I went as vampire cheerleader two years ago, but I never thought about rubber boots. The geisha and pirate looked amazing.

And following up on your other post, fisticuffs at crafts fairs --there's a new twist.

BurkinaMom said...

I had meant to comment on the low-key irony of the fact that portraits of Bush and Rice (Bush Rice sounds like what we ate in Boromo, doesn't it?)
are now featured in my blog.
But you're right, it does add spooky atmosphere
The SIAO is still a pit of misery. My cell phone got stolen yesterday. AARRGG!

karondaray said...

I read your daughters blog.... what a well spoken ,lively girl. Being an American I love reading your posts about a diferent country. Thank you for letting us in to your lives.