Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eleven years and six months ago, almost to the day, I nearly passed out in the office of the local ob/gyn. It wasn't just expectant mother lightheadedness- I'd just found out that I was going to have twins.
The girls were born nearly six month later on February 28, 1998.

In honor of this big event, we are having a party. Nothing like the huge bashes we used to have back in Ouagadougou, but their friend from school will come and we'll have cake and pizza

The girls and I made the candy tree on the left. It turned out very cute.
The cake, of course, is my own handiwork.
I kind of amazed myself by freehand drawing the tiger with black icing.

The guest arrive in just half an hour. I'd better get out of my frosting-covered clothes!


Kelly said...

my birthday is Feb 27 (of course, I was born 30 years before them). That cake looks wonderful! Good job. Shame you have to cut it.

La Framéricaine said...

A very happy birthday to the Alexa and Mallory! And two thumbs up and a snap on the stunning cake and having delivered into the world two such beautiful children, among your four beautiful children, BurkinaMom in France! Bravo! And many happy returns to all of you!

oreneta said...

You did that tiger freehand! In ICING!!!

You totally RULE!

Nancy Dunkin and Lisa Lindsey said...

Yeah girls, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
pretty fancy table and that cake?!!!!!
WOW. I hope you had lots and lots of fun and got lots and lots of cool loot. See you VERY soon,

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Happy Birthday girls..!
That cake looks you enjoyed it...
"Double the trouble but also double the joy" what my best friend always says about her twins..!!!
Thanks for sharing..:)