Saturday, February 14, 2009

I briefly considered posting a cute Valentine's Day -themed picture here. Perhaps one featuring an adorable cat saying something humorous.

But I'm too tired. MUCH too tired. This home renovation stuff is exhausting, especially when it's done in an old house, full of surprises. Bad surprises.

The down stairs hallway went fine and only took about a day and a half. But then we started in on the twins' room, and the fun began.

By "fun", I mean the opposite of fun, as in "sheer hell".

Cristian the Romanian handyman was brilliant, as always. And the kids helped so much. Valentine was especially great, taking charge of much of the painting.

I'll post more details, plus pictures, tomorrow.

But at least now, it's done.
That's right! We finished at about 6pm this evening.
I'd celebrate if I weren't so darn tired...


oreneta said...

Umm, hon, you were very very sick for a very very long time. Could you maybe take it easy for a few, um, weeks? You know, read a little, sit around with some wine a little, maybe leave the home reno h*ll till, say, early April?

I know I may sound like your Mom here or something, but really...
take it easy, m'kay?

Beth said...

It's ok to sound like my mom. She's pretty fabulous.

Thanks for looking out for me. I guess you're right, but what's a girl to do? Our Romanian pal is only available during university holidays and all summer he'll be rebuilding a chalet in the Swiss Alps.

But I am sort of taking your wise advice. Despite the fact that the house is a wreck and a pile of laundry to rival the Himalayas awaits me, I am taking it easy this morning. Right now, I plan to go back to bed with my cup of coffee and READ for an hour! Yippee!