Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As I've mentioned about eleventy-billion times already, my parents sent us Rock Band 2 for Christmas. And even though I don't have much time to actually play it myself, I still get a lot of entertainment value from it. Walking into the living room to find Severin serenading his youngest sister with the Billy Idol song "White Wedding", for example, was fairly LOL-worthy. There was poor Alexa, curled up in an armchair, intent on her Nintendo DS game of Harvest Moon, when all of a sudden she looked up to find Severin kneeling in front of her and singing into his mic "HEY little sister , what have YOU done!?"
And then there was the time I was in the kitchen and heard a strange sound coming from the living room. It sounded kind of like a cat being repeatedly kicked -an elderly, alcoholic, hillbilly cat with a speech impediment.

I HAD to abandon my cooking and go see what was going on.

It turned out to be Severin trying to imitate Bob Dyan singing "Tangled up in Blue".

As the 'song' ended, the kids turned to me and started in with a list of incredulous complaints along the lines of: What the heck WAS that? Why does that guy sing in that creepy voice ? Have you ever heard of him? Why does that freaking song go on forever?, etc

Valentine said "Whoever he is, he has to DIE. Please tell me he's dead."
Sadly, I had no words of comfort for her. "Au contraire, my child". In fact, he recently released a Christmas album."

Nobody believed me, but I assured them that it was true.
"I wouldn't lie about something like this. You haven't truly suffered until you've heard his version of 'The Little Drummer Boy'. "
Let's get this straight:
Bing Crosby can sing "The Little Drummer Boy"
David Bowie can sing "The Little Drummer Boy"
They can even sing it together on an uber-corny Christmas tv show.
But Bob Dylan cannot and in fact should never try to sing "The Little Drummer Boy".
Did anybody actually buy that album? I hope not. It just encourages him....

Dear Santa,

How are you? I'm fine.
How are your reindeer? Tired out after the recent holiday season, I bet. Did they like the carrots?
Anyway, down to business: If , by next Christmas, they put out a Rock Band Track Pack of Bob Dylan songs, I do NOT want to find one in my stocking.
I'd rather have coal.



oreneta said...

Bob Dylan is currently Eldest's favourite! She has two albums.

I will admit to his skills as a songwriter are impressive, but his voice.....well. I don't listen too often.

babzee said...

It grows on you, little one. This is another example (and aren't they fewer and fewer all the time?) of you simply being TOO YOUNG.

Joy said...

*giggle* Dylan is a mystery best left on mute...