Friday, January 22, 2010

I seem to be posting a lot about music lately, which is odd. It's actually our house that occupies most of my brain space and time these days. The constant cleaning, repairs and renovations keep me scurrying around like a hyperactive, peculiarly tidy squirrel.
Today, as I scubbed the copper tea kettle with salt and lemon, I realised that I hadn't yet even posted a single photo of our new driveway or our new carport.

So, for your edification and entertainment, here's a pic of the guys putting the tarmac on. It was taken on Nov.17. As you can see, we really lucked out with the weather that day; They were able to finish it all in just a couple of hours:

In early December, the team arrived to put up our new carport. Maybe "team" is a big word- it was just two guys. But they were impressively fast. They started the job on a Thursday afternoon, rather late, and worked until nearly 7pm, using floodlights. Then they came back and worked all the next day and it was done by evening.

This picture was taken just before Christmas. It's the view from my kitchen window (I LOVE the view from my window, btw) and you can see the twins a friend just to the right of the carport, playing in the snow. Below is a photo I just took today. As you can see, we've had more snow and I've had quite a bit of shovelling to keep up with.

It may not look like much, but the carport makes a huge difference in our daily lives. I never have to dig the car out of drifts or scrape ice off the windows. That makes leaving in the morning so much more quick and comfortable...

Also, in the lower right corner, you can see the cement foundation for the new room/entryway/veranda we are having built! Work is supposed to begin on Monday and I have have high hopes that it actually will. The builder just now called to ask a question about the door (Why yes, I would like insulated glass in it. We live 2624 feet above sea level and I'd prefer not to freeze all year long. Thank you for asking.), and he said "See you soon" at the end of the exchange. So, it's a good bet that he's planning to show up as scheduled.



Joy said...

*SQUEEE!!* Oh, what a lovely carport and driveway! (I am envious of your carport. ;) I have neither carport nor garage back in Saskatchewan. I want one!) I shall cross my fingers for you that work begins on Monday as scheduled, and is quickly completed.

And yes, you do have a gorgeous view from your kitchen window! :)

Heidi said...

What's the French word for tarmac/asphalt?

I was thoroughly charmed by the fact that in the UK, they actually call it tarmacadam. TARMACADAM!

Sounds like a cookie.

oreneta said...

Jealous. Wish someone would show up that I could b*tch about.

babzee said...

I am not nostalgic for that kind of snow, but you leave me longing for that kind of sense of accomplishment.

Beth said...

First of all, Heidi will be disappointed to know that the French just call it "tarmac". There's no adorable Frenchified word for it. Sorry.
Second, thanks for all the ecouraging words. Sometimes I feel that it's strange that I get all excited about paved driveways, carports and the like. So, it's reassuring to have contact with people who are at the same stage of things (Hi Rocky! Don't get discouraged. It WILL happen chez toi, too.) and people that are just plain happy for me.