Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here is just one of the many places I've been in the past few days.
Nice, huh?
And get this: as we wandered around inside, we ran into the owner of the place and that kindly old gentleman gave us an insiders look at some of the rooms not open to the public!
very cool!

I hope to get a chance to write more, when our guests have gone home and the school holiday is over... This "vacation" has got me worn OUT!


oreneta said...

If a vacation is wearing you out, it's got to be a good one.

babzee said...

Great to hear you are spending "your" holiday gathering stories to share with us!

Joy said...

Ditto what Oreneta said. ;) As lovely as it all is (company, touring around, vacationing, lol!) it does take a lot of energy! But I can't wait to see more about the chateau.

And what *did* your husband purchase at the auction?!?!? :D

babzee said...

Thanks again for providing me with the coolest desktop imagery this side of the Mason-Dixon line.