Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mallory is our Nature Girl. Plants and animals are her thing - which is good, otherwise we wouldn't have this:

It's a little flower patch near our brand new back door.

Mal's also been out in the vegetable garden, putting in the first lettuce plants. (And no, you can't have her or even just "borrow her. I need her here.)
Below we see Mallory and a dog- a nice, elderly, blind in one eye and mostly deaf sheepdog.

Ciboulette ('Chives' in English) is a good old dog and has worked hard all her life herding sheep and is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement. She belongs to our friends who were visiting during the last holiday. Her time chez nous was much appreciated by Mallory, who (of course) adores all dogs. Mal even completely forgave Ciboulette for laying several times in the brand new flower bed and crushing the baby flowers.

Here you can see a bit more of what we've been up to, house-wise:
The four layers of varnish are on the addition!
What wasn't so great was the fact that we got varnish all over the borrowed ladder we used. It took the kids hours to scrub it clean again. (Have I mentioned recently how sweet my kids are? They are sweet...and hardworking, too!)
Here's a shot of everyone hard at work varnishing the carport. It's hard to tell, but there are six people under there working, plus baby Yasmine clinging to her mom and getting varnish on her clothes.

I promise to post more pics soon- we're going to have some landscaping (fancy!) done, so I'll definitely want to show our status as everything progresses!


Teacher Mommy said...

I promise I HAVE been reading, just being silent because I AM TEH AWESUM like that (sigh). I've been admiring your OMG so gorgeous renovations. Love!

However, I think you're being VERY selfish by keeping Mal all to yourself. I have pretty much zero gardening talent and could really use one of her....

oreneta said...

Very very cool! Youngest has planted lettuce as well! I was over in the garden a moment ago thinking that I should take some shots for the blog, the roses are going CRAZY!

Tya said...

no problem mom, severin and I enjoyed scrubbing that ladder, really... NOT! XD

babzee said...

We appreciate your early efforts to clone Mallory, which of course resulted in the equally-sweet and charming Alexa, whose thumbs may not be as green and who may not attract as many stray critters, but who certainly balances out your universe, and ours. I hope this is a lesson to mad scientists everywhere!

Joy said...

Mallory has certainly planted a very pretty flower patch. Perhaps I can just ask her for advice? ;)

I have been reading, as well, and now things have settled to the point where I can actually write a reply, sometimes! The addition looks lovely, and I like the chandelier. It's beautiful!!