Saturday, May 01, 2010

The weather forecast yesterday evening announced that the next day would be rainy. And that's why I was sewing cloaks until late at night. If the twins didn't have cloaks, you see, they'd get too cold and wet at the Medieval Faire!

Yes, we just attended our first Faire of 2010. It was a small one, but good and also FREE, which is always a plus.

All four of the kids came, as well as Tya's good pal Valentin.

There was plenty to see and do.

Despite the gray skies, it wasn't all that cold. We even managed to have a nice picnic.
The lady at the stand below had some interesting old plants: rue, angelica, borage, hyssop, burdock...lots of stuff I'd herd of, but never seen before.

The Faire was held in the village of Arthaz-Pont-de-Notre-Dame, just a 15 minute drive from our house!

Happy International Workers' Day!


oreneta said...

Valentine didn't dress up!

Looks like it was great fun...did you buy a plant?

Beth said...

Well, she sort of dressed up! She usually wears all black, but for the faire, she wore her usual corset with a white cotton peasant blouse. She definitely needs a cape, though!

Actually, she wasn't selling plants, just giving info. The faire was nice that way- it was mostly about education and there wasn't all that much to buy.
In fact, because I brought a picnic and drinks for the six of us, we didn't spend a single cent all day long!

babzee said...

What a nice thing! Over 30+ years I watched the US Renaissance fairs deteriorate from lovely, heartfelt affairs put on by volunteer members of the SCA and a few people selling authentically made crafts, into something more like upholstered flea markets, as original as Walmart. Nice to know that somewhere in humanity exists a forum dedicated to realism and historical content. And state-sponsored, I guess?

Joy said...

How interesting to be able to see those old plants!! I'm envious!! I'm glad that you had such a lovely time, and so close to home, too. :)

Beth said...

Babs- In fact, it was sponsored by the village activities committee so, pretty close. Four different SCA-type groups had their camps there and the folks were fun to chat with. The camp that had the herbalist also had two older ladies processing wool. We spent quite a lot of time talking to them and watching them work. Alexa even wanted to help sort the wool, but they didn't have an extra apron and that wool was FILTHY

Heidi said...

Looks lovely - I haven't been to a Ren Faire in years (my last experience was like babzee's) but that one looks like good fun.