Sunday, May 09, 2010

This morning we packed up a picnic and headed for the village of Cluses, where they were having a medieval festival to celebrate their 700th anniversary of the town charter.

All I can say is, if that's how they celebrate 700 years, I'd hate to see them when they weren't making an effort, because it was sad.
My kids offered some of the best entertainment that was to be had and will be appearing the the photo albums of many French families. Not that the kids did much- they just walked around looking good...but that was enough for the crowd of people who came out on a rainy day for a family outing and were disappointed not to find much entertainment.
Severin showed his Tuareg sword to impresse small kids.
The little girls all loved the three "princesses", of course.

(Sorry that Sev made a funny face here, but the girls look cute and the photo turned out mostly pretty well)

Here's the new cape I sewed up for Mallory this week:

Valentine got an elaborate hairstyle and a new cape, too:

Alexa wore some amazing celtic-looking earrings we found at the thrift shop for 2 euros. Win!

After we got back home, we quickly changed and went to a flea market being held in a village near our home. I found EXACTLY what I needed: A toddler car seat for only 3 euros (for some vistors we'll be having next month!) and some boots and shoes that fit Tya for only 1 euro per pair. I even got a good deal on plants for the garden- six cabbages and six lettuces for only three euros! That far outdoes the price at the garden centers around here!
Today was a good Mother's day for me!
Hope all you other moms out there had a good one, too!


oreneta said...

You all look absolutely amazing!

I can see why you were the hit of the festival...especially if it was fairly lame.

Joy said...

I agree with oreneta - you all do look amazing. :) And I am sure that pictures must be frequently taken of your costumed children, lame festival or otherwise! Terrific job on the costumes, Beth!

The Pliers said...

Your clan looks like true royalty!