Sunday, May 30, 2010

We just spent the last two weekends at the Andilly Grandes Medievales, with the Full Package Family Four-Day Deluxe Pass of Awesomeness.
Because that's how we roll.

(Please be sure to take note the sewing that has been keeping me busy: a new green skirt for Valentine, a complete red, black and white costume for Alexa and flower crowns for the twins.
Also, on two days, I dressed up a bit myself! )
One merchant that I talked to at this huge French ren faire asked me if I found things at this faire that I'd never seen in other places. I had to admit that I hadn't been to a faire in the USA since about 1990 and had no clue what's on offer these days. But I hastened to assure him that this one was really lovely and well-done and all the things on offer very charming. The diplomatic answer and, fortunately, also true.
Besides the usual jousting and falconry and the rest, we also lucked onto something extra-great: a fencing club from a town near where we live had a camp there! Sev was able to talk to the arms master and see about taking medieval sword-fighting. Sev did "normal"(Olympic-style) fencing back in Ouaga, but we hadn't found anything here in France nearby.
The guy was really nice and said Sev could start in September and see if it suited him.
So, that was a lucky circumstance!
We all had a great time and I especially enjoyed hearing the compliments roll in over my "magnifique" children.
Now i have to get back to work. the kids and I have been cleaning and re-arranging all day.
Our good pals from Portland (and Ouaga) are arriving tomorrow night!
Fun shall ensue....


oreneta said...

Is that you in the stunning red dress?

Sounds like a lovely time, and you are a very talented seamstress!
Medieval sword fighting would be a good deal of fun.

Beth said...

Yup, that's me. It's a dress I designed and had sewn by a tailor in Ouaga for Valentine. But she's lost weight, so I inherited the dress and she's moved on to more of a "saucy wench" vibe.

Joy said...

Oh, you are all so very stunning! Fabulous job with the costumes, Beth. I hope that Sev has a great time with medieval fencing. :)

Heidi said...

Looks like great fun and you all look wonderful - very exciting!

Our visit to the Seattle Folklife Festival was, sadly, far rainier than your festival. C'est la vie - that's why they make umbrellas, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful costumes! Makes me seriously want to learn to sew!!