Saturday, April 23, 2011

It has recently come to my attention that my blogging skillz have seriously taken a downward turn over the last six months or so. Posts have been sporadic and major milestones missed.

This sad state of affairs must not continue! Especially considering the fact that a major area of neglect has been the very excellent rock band that Sev and Tya are part of: The Boxmen!

So, for your viewing and listening pleasure, here's the only existing video of their first-ever concert back in December of 2009! They'd only been playing together a few months, but were already pretty darn good!

Since then , they've only gotten better. Sadly, I don't have any other video footage to share. But I do have a few photos from their concert in December 2010.

Their next concert is in June and I PROMISE to get a decent video of it!


oreneta said...

What impressive CONFIDENCE they have!

I'd be delighted to hear your voice more often....if it works with you....

Joy said...

Well done!!! I look forward to watching more on future videos. :D

(As for the blogging schedule,I am happy to read whenever you write, but I am blaming my own lack of blogging on the weather. ;p )

Momma Bee said...

FINALLY! Look at this, I am getting sporadic in even looking for your blog. Thrilled to hear the music at last! I wish I knew the song.