Sunday, July 01, 2012

Taylor Swift vs Avril Lavigne Death Match

To mark the end (FINALLY!!) of the school year here in France, a friend of the twins held a party last night. The theme was the eternally (and apparently internationally)  popular "Dress as your favorite celebrity" concept.  This allows teenage girls to dress up,  wear lots of makeup and look all awesome without seeming to be trying too hard.
 I know this is a true thing, as I did it myself back in the day.  In one particularly memorable incident in 1978, I think I was supposed to be Olivia Newton John .   Don't mock me.  She was quite the style icon back in the day.

On second thought...go ahead and mock away.
Luckily, my daughters have much better taste than I ever had.  They decided to go as country star Taylor Swift and pop rock girl Avril Lavigne.

As I quickly rummaged through teh interwebz looking  for a couple of pics to accompany this blog post, I immediately was made to understand that there is much online bickering about which of these two young ladies is "more awesomer".

The facts?  Well, let's see...Avril Lavigne's name means "April vineyard" in French. 
So, she's got that going for her.
Also, she looks a lot like my daughter Alexa!
I guess that makes her awfully awesome....

But then we have Taylor Swift, who grew up on a Christmas tree farm - and  that gives you special powers beyond that of other humans. Christmas trees provide a lot of happiness, so I'm pretty sure that being associated with them earns one mucho good karma.  
On the other hand, she once dated one of the Jonas Brothers and wrote a song about him. Sadly, that may cancel out all xmas tree-related cred accrued.
Then again, Taylor is about 6ft tall and could crush Avril like a bug.
So there's that.....

I don't's all mildly confusing, which is no doubt why thousands of teen girls are ready to spill blood over this question.

Luckily, my own little Taylor and Avril get along quite well..

This morning's verdict on the party? 
"Meh" pretty much sums it up what the girls had to say about it.

But at least they had a fun time getting dressed.  Me trying to glue false eyelashes onto Mallory was priceless, I assure you.

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