Friday, July 27, 2012

Click the Links!

July is about over, but  it has been reasonably fun for me. And now you can have fun, too- just by clicking all of the assorted links that appear in this post!
Not that they're really all  actually fun...but some are quite entertaining.
I promise.
We've  had some visitors from Australia. It had been ages since we'd seen Stephen and Adrienne, so it was great to get together again.
They looked just the same- but their two daughters had certainly changed over the last 14 years or so... So grown-up and lovely!

Mallory and I made some pasta together a couple of times.... It was tasty and was the latest episode in the long and glorious pasta-oriented history of my paternal ancestors (I used to make noodles with my Grandma Lillie when I was a little girl)
 Our cats laid around a lot (Which is what they do when it is NOT July, as well.  So, not much of a surpise there)

Severin and Max made a video parody for Valentine's 19th birthday.  The original is to be found here and their rather funny masterpiece is to be seen here.
Valentine had a lovely party with her friends. Karaoke and Jungle Speed were featured activities and a good time was had by all.

In a late-breaking birthday event, Valentine got a shout-out from one of her favorite YouTube personalities. (Can one really call a naked plastic baby doll a "personality"?  Let's just say, "yes", shall we?)

As for the rest...Our old neighbors from Ouaga (Tony and Kirsten, for fans of the African chapters of my saga) stopped by for a day as they drove up to Germany.  Hopefully they'll stay a bit longer on the way back down next month.

Robert and Aminata have been here this week...

And tomorrow we're leaving for the north to go visit my MIL for one week.  We'll be staying here.

That's it!


Joy said...

Busy!! :)

And also, noooodlesss... I love homemade noodles. It has been decades since I've helped make them.

oreneta said...

Looks like good-busy!

Samuel Zoungrana said...

Interesting experiences. How did you like Burkina Faso. I can guess you worked with some communes and mayors in my country. I'm from Burkina Faso, but expatriate in Kenya. Take care