Saturday, September 01, 2012

I don't like August much.  
To be specific: I hate it more than couscous, but somewhat less than clowns and lighthouses, 

But September is a month that I can really get on board with. 
 It kicks off with my birthday, which is nice and festive.  
And then the weather really starts to cool off and segue into Autumn, which is my favorite season.

Not that birthdays are SO great, what with getting older and all that...but I usually manage to have a pretty good time- generally thanks to my four wonderful children.
This year, Mallory made me a stunning Fall-themed birthday card that I LOVE.
She also made angel-food birthday cupcakes (only 85 calories each!)

Valentine organised the funding with her siblings and bought me a cute lavender candle, gorgeous flowers and a bottle of my new favorite perfume: Dahlia Noir by Givenchy, which supposedly "embodies the mysterious, singular radiance of a woman’s graceful power."
 This seems pretty unlikely, but I'll try wearing it for a few days and tell you what I think. If my graceful woman power starts giving off  any mysterious and singular radiences, you, my faithful blog readers,  will be the first to know 
Then I might phone my doctor....


oreneta said...

Happy Birthday!!!

green eire said...

Happy Birthday Beth!:D