Sunday, March 29, 2015

Not Very Dead

As in "This blog may look dead.  And it is.  But not VERY dead. So that's all right, then."

Somehow, the jaunty "See you tomorrow" of my last post turned out to be laughably overly-optimistic.

But here I am again, ready to give it another go. My computer, counter to all predictions, is still running.  It is wheezing and coughing like a two pack a day smoker, but still running.  So there's that.

What's new?
Quite a huge lot of things.....
Severin is at the University of Grenoble.
Valentine is in her second year at the Fine Arts school in Avignon.

And the twins are hard at work (as I am!) on their costumes for the upcoming Polymanga Con in Switzerland.
Only one week to go and this Game of Thrones cosplay needs to be DONE!
Mallory's Danaerys  outfit is nearly done.  She is hot glue gunning scales to a dragon egg as we speak.
And I am really supposed to be downstairs right now, cutting out the bodice for Alexa's Margaery Tyrell dress.

I will try to post again soon with photos....but no promises.


oreneta said...

Hello again! Always lovely to get an update! Glad to hear that all is going well.

Judith IN said...

Glad to see you have returned....and glad I kept checking the site.