Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In my last post, I added 'Ebay' in the label section and then went on to write only about extinct mammals. I meant to add that part of what is keeping me busy, besides HGTV and numerous trips to Walmart ( I am so ashamed, but am helpless to resist the siren call of 'low prices..always') is that I am posting numerous items on Ebay. It's all stuff I brought over from Africa. One item gathering lots of interest is the five foot long Tuareg bag that's in the pic at right. The curious among you can search out all six items for sale by nebraskacc.

I hope to get more items up this week, but time is running out. JP arrives on Saturday (Yay!). By Tuesday, we will be on the road, starting our mega-fun (we hope, fervently) camping adventure across the western USA.

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