Monday, July 16, 2007

Last summer I had a blog hiatus due to the fact that getting online in France involved, in my case, driving to another town and going to the area's only internet cafe. Now here I am in the USA with all the computing power of my tech-savy parents at my disposal and my posts are few and far between. My vacation has somehow expanded to fill all available time, which is fun, but not conducive to blogging.
What have we been doing? Museums, shopping, and movies, mainly. Though my parents and I did manage to intall no less than 12 new window blinds in their home (only four more to go). I'm also getting several African items ready to post on Ebay. So, I do feel productive, in a non-blog kind of way.
We are getting very excited about our upcoming camping trip in two weeks. My parents just bought us a huge new tent, which has built up a positive frenzy among the kids. I am just hoping they will like it just as much after three or four weeks of actually living in it.

Today's missions? Clearing up a huge bank-generated problem with my savings account, going to the used bookstore to buy enormous amounts of books to send back to Ouaga, posting items on Ebay and catching up on my emails. Not good photo ops. I'll no doubt have some good pics this week though, as we are going to a couple of good museums.


Sarah said...

I wanted to email you to ask about raising your children in Burkina. My husband is in DRC and I am due in March and we are trying to sort out if we can continue to work overseas with a baby. I am in the US now, trying to do research and trying to locate other women who have raised a child >6months in a malarial-prone area in Africa. Is there a better way for me to contact you? Sarah

BurkinaMom said...

Hi Sarah! Glad to "meet' you. Feel free to contact me by email at
i'd be glad to give you more info on raising young children in West Africa.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

BurkinaMom said...

"American Idol Rewind" is AI on crack, which is a good, good thing. It is a performance and result show, all in one, whisking you past the dull bits, hitting all the highlights. It's a definite addictive substance for any true Idol fan!! Beg your family in the USA to videotape it for you. It's so worth it!

Matrika said...

Interesting to know.