Monday, July 09, 2007

We had a great 4th of July. The only injuries were a scraped toe (Alexa) and two singed fingers (Severin). Considering the amount of fireworks that the kids lit, we got off lightly.

The last time I came to Lincoln, I was amazed at the amount of tattoo/piercing places that seem to have opened since my last visit. This time, I am struck by all the coffee shops. There's no Starbucks, but lots of fun little independant places. Tattoos scare me, but I am rather fond of fancy coffee, so it was a nice surprise.

We called JP today. He talked to each of the kids (except for Valentine, who is in Minnesota visiting the mega-mall up there) and asked each which he preferred: USA or Burkina. Mallory and Severin said USA, no hesitation. Alexa voted for Burkina. She misses her posse.

OMG! American Idol Rewind is on! I did not even know there was such a thing!! VERY exciting!!!!


Samantha said...

Aww, yay for Minnesota & the Mall of America! And the US is heaven for kids - most of the French kids I know who've lived over there have a hard time readapting back to France because it's so somber compared to the US.

Pardon My French said...

What is American Idol Rewind -- a summary show? I love AI type things but get annoyed with all the extra stuff...I just want to go straight to the performances.