Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In my last post, I added 'Ebay' in the label section and then went on to write only about extinct mammals. I meant to add that part of what is keeping me busy, besides HGTV and numerous trips to Walmart ( I am so ashamed, but am helpless to resist the siren call of 'low prices..always') is that I am posting numerous items on Ebay. It's all stuff I brought over from Africa. One item gathering lots of interest is the five foot long Tuareg bag that's in the pic at right. The curious among you can search out all six items for sale by nebraskacc.

I hope to get more items up this week, but time is running out. JP arrives on Saturday (Yay!). By Tuesday, we will be on the road, starting our mega-fun (we hope, fervently) camping adventure across the western USA.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nebraska boasts the largest mounted mammoth skeleton in the world. His name is 'Archie'
Here is a re-enactment of the mammoth's possible reponse to being given a lame nickname.
(Run away! Run away some more!)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Last summer I had a blog hiatus due to the fact that getting online in France involved, in my case, driving to another town and going to the area's only internet cafe. Now here I am in the USA with all the computing power of my tech-savy parents at my disposal and my posts are few and far between. My vacation has somehow expanded to fill all available time, which is fun, but not conducive to blogging.
What have we been doing? Museums, shopping, and movies, mainly. Though my parents and I did manage to intall no less than 12 new window blinds in their home (only four more to go). I'm also getting several African items ready to post on Ebay. So, I do feel productive, in a non-blog kind of way.
We are getting very excited about our upcoming camping trip in two weeks. My parents just bought us a huge new tent, which has built up a positive frenzy among the kids. I am just hoping they will like it just as much after three or four weeks of actually living in it.

Today's missions? Clearing up a huge bank-generated problem with my savings account, going to the used bookstore to buy enormous amounts of books to send back to Ouaga, posting items on Ebay and catching up on my emails. Not good photo ops. I'll no doubt have some good pics this week though, as we are going to a couple of good museums.

Monday, July 09, 2007

We had a great 4th of July. The only injuries were a scraped toe (Alexa) and two singed fingers (Severin). Considering the amount of fireworks that the kids lit, we got off lightly.

The last time I came to Lincoln, I was amazed at the amount of tattoo/piercing places that seem to have opened since my last visit. This time, I am struck by all the coffee shops. There's no Starbucks, but lots of fun little independant places. Tattoos scare me, but I am rather fond of fancy coffee, so it was a nice surprise.

We called JP today. He talked to each of the kids (except for Valentine, who is in Minnesota visiting the mega-mall up there) and asked each which he preferred: USA or Burkina. Mallory and Severin said USA, no hesitation. Alexa voted for Burkina. She misses her posse.

OMG! American Idol Rewind is on! I did not even know there was such a thing!! VERY exciting!!!!