Thursday, June 12, 2008

Evil has a name and that name is: BurkinaMom.
Well, maybe not evil, probably just stupid- the jury is still out. Yesterday I managed not only to break our digital camera, I accidentally erased almost every photo that Valentine took on her very last day of school here in Burkina Faso. I know it's kind of my trademark to make a short story into an excruciatingly detailed epic, but this one is too painful to drag out. Suffice it to say, mistakes were made.

The few pictures that were spared are trapped inside the broken camera. I'll find out today at 4pm whether the camera can be saved and the pics rescued.
We have managed to get a few pictures from some of her friends, but it's not much, compared to what I managed to destroy.

Question: Is there any way in the world that photos erased off a photo memory card can be restored? Help?!

Sorry, Tya!!

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babzee said...

Tears all the way 'round. I'm so sorry and pray your camera wizard has some luck in restoring Tya's photos. If not, I hope she has luck seeking out her friends for parting shots. Godspeed to you, my clumsy friend. You'll sleep again one day.