Monday, June 02, 2008

The Seventh Annual Winyé Mask Festival was held on Friday and Saturday in Boromo- a small town just about two hours' drive from Ouaga. I was there as usual, friends and family in tow.

I intend to write more about it, but not today. This morning, I once again blog to you from an internet café in downtown Ouaga. The server I'm on at home has been completely down since Thursday night. No internet, no email, no nothing.
So, if you have sent me an email lately, now you know why I haven't answered. Sorry. I am hoping that this will get fixed soon.

As for the Festival- all I have for you right now is a few pictures. Click on them to see a larger version of each )
I'll be posting more soon (in the next few days) in the Photobucket album.

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