Thursday, September 25, 2008

I recently read a blogpost by a friend contemplating giving herself a pedicure.
Me? I don't even have time to dream about such a thing. My idea of looking good these days is not having large chunks of "decorative lime coating" stuck in my hair.

Yesterday I hardly got anything done dining room-wise, though. Instead, I spent over three hours at the insurance office, getting our new health insurance and car insurance both set up.
I only had small chunks of plaster in my hair, so I was looking pretty good. Good enough for a trip into the village, anyway.

What about that famous French socialized medicine that we are always hearing about? The system that is supposed to be the best in the world? you may well be asking.

Well, it is fabulous, but it turns out that we can't have it. It's only for people that WORK in France and because the Frogman is a prof at the U of Geneva across the border in Switzerland, we're on our own.
Just like in the USA, it is going to cost us a fortune for even so-so coverage.

After a few hours in the insurance office, I was grateful to get back to my plastering. Srsly.


babzee said...

Oh, non! I'm very distressed! Is there no Helvetican equivalent for health coverage? Is JP not willing nor able to find honest work in his native land? Are you best off as you are -- is it (gasp) TENURE related?

oreneta said...

Lines just like in Burkina, eh? What a lot of work it is day the pedicure may of these days...they can chip the lime off for you at the end of it all!