Sunday, September 28, 2008

Today I finished the wall waxing, which was a freaking miracle, as I have also had to deal with a nightmare of biblical proportions.
It's a flood and, believe me, if there was a big boat waiting to take me away, I'd hop right on it.

It's a flood of sewage from the septic tank.
In the garage.
In the living room.

It is very, very grim.

Sadly, the Romanian Handyman does not do septic tanks, so we have to wait until tomorrow morning for rescue to arrive.

I have to get back and man my station.

I'll write more tomorrow, after the septic tank guy comes.

Wish me luck...


babzee said...

Aaaaauuuggghhhhhh! Why does the septic system malfunction directly following your family dining on HOT POCKETS? Coincidence? Probably!

Southern Goddess said...

Good luck, from Texas! Been there, done that, don't want to be there again. SG

oreneta said...

Oh MY GOD!!!! How utterly horrifying...curled toes and a wrinkled nose...prayers the septic guy will get there soon. OMGG