Friday, October 10, 2008

For quite some time, we were convinced that all of our belongings from Africa were at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
"Pirates! They sunk the container ship!" JP said, as though 21st century Blackbeards roam the seas looking for ratty container ships sailing out of Dakar.
I didn't exactly think it was pirates, but I knew something strange was going on. As you may remember, we packed up our belongings in Ouagadougou on July 5. We were told they would arrive in France around the 1st of September.

But September began and we still had absolutely no news of the 20 foot long metal box holding most of our worldly belongings.

At first I sent emails. Emails that nobody answered.
Then I started calling, which has been somewhat more productive. At least now we know that our stuff is NOT at the bottom of the ocean, but is instead sitting on a dock in Marseille. It got there on September 18 and shows no signs of moving farther north, towards our home in the Alps.

Without our furniture, we've sort of been camping out in our house for the last three months. For example, we don't have enough seating in the living room, so we have an old mattress to sit on. Trés chic.
And the twins are sleeping on a futon on the floor.

But one thing that's not in the container is a table. So, we bought one. Actually, we ordered it about two months ago from a local company that makes oak furniture. It finally came this morning and it's just lovely! It makes such a great change from eating off a white plastic garden table!!

Also, in these pics you get to see a bit more of the walls that I struggled over for so long.
I think it all fits so well together!


oreneta said...

That looks lovely, I really like those types of chairs. The matress in the livingroom, how Amy Winehouse of you...

babzee said...

S-l-o-o-o-w-l-y it comes together. Results: I believe the French word is PERFECTION? Got a leaf for that table, or will I be eating in the kitchen?

I often WISH all my furniture was at the bottom of the ocean, or at least as far away as Marseille.

Beth said...

I have TWO leafs...or is it leaves? Anyway, you can eat at the table with the grown-ups, Ms. B. , no problem.

And YES! My living room DOES look like it was decorated by an alcoholic heroin addict with a large, matted angora cat on her head!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Glad it finally made it there. Funny you should write this... your container has a lot of parallels to the baby girl whose photo I am looking at... placed in an orphanage on July 4... who moved to Addis Ababa on September 18... and she won't be home until January or February. So if you think your container took a while.... write me! - ml