Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Great German Adventure seems to be coming along nicely.
At least, that's the official word from the school hotline dedicated to reassuring nervous persons such as myself. After punching through a series of menus and secret codes, the suffering parent gets to listen to a short message recorded by one of the accompanying teachers.
Yesterday's recording informed me that the bus got to Munich at about 8:30 am, after a long, rather uncomfortable all-night bus trip. After a quick breakfast in a café (Sorry. That would be Kaffeehaus) they got back on the bus and headed over to the famed BMW museum. (I will restrain myself from any further comments on the latter 'attraction'. You all know what I think).
The museum visit was followed by a picnic consisting of the sack lunches the kids had brought along from France. I am hoping it was not a sunny day, as a lunch that endures a long morning in a hot bus generally leads to food poisoning...

And as for the rest of us? Keeping busy, as usual. Especially me. Cristie the Romanian Handyman is back for an encore performance and the house is being transformed. And it needs it, as you can see from these photos. Warning: if you have a heart condition or are just particularly sensitive to scary home-improvement photos, please refrain from viewing the following material...

Not so bad, you are thinking?

Well, what about THIS? This wall is where the sewage from the septic tank leaked through. NOT for the faint-hearted.Here's yet another wall we're dealing with:

Wish us luck!


oreneta said...

I know they are French and all, but German food must be better than 30 hour old bagged French lunches, don't you think? A little ptomaine with that Cherie?

La Framéricaine said...

I do indeed wish you bonne chance et bonne continuation with your home improvement project(s)!!!

Anonymous said...

So French -- not trusting Munich to come through with a proper sack lunch... well, glad to hear your children have hit the European ground running.

And those walls don't look any worse than the wall behind that shrine where the chickens get slaughtered back in Burkina... no feathers... so it should all be familiar... (maybe your point is that you thought you were OVER those kind of experiences... mais non...)