Sunday, October 05, 2008

My computer has been very, very ill. In fact, it's still not feeling all that great. If it was one of my kids, I'd give it herbal tea and cover it with a nice crocheted afghan, poor thing.

Due to unwise navigating and clicking on the part of my numerous offspring, my computer managed to pick up no less than 21 viruses. Things pretty much ground to a halt, as you may imagine;
I worked for hours yesterday and managed to clean out 20 of them, but there's still one left. It's the dreaded "zlob trojan' that hijacks your hompage and makes navigating almost impossible.

If I EVER meet the person that came up with this thing, I swear I will smack him upside the head. And if I have access to a firearm, I will also shoot him. Not fatally. Probably.


babzee said...

Steve had to remove Zlob from a client's computer by downloading free SPYBOT to another computer, copying it to CD and then uploading it onto the client's PC in SAFEMODE. has instructions.

oreneta said...

Oh, I cannot be as helpful as babzee...but if you ever do meet him you could treat him to a French sewage system...learning from all our experiences...actually we could wish one of those old style curses on him...may you live with an ancient and inadequate sewer system maintained only by goat boy.

Works for me.

Beth said...

You're right! That curse will be MUCH more satisfying that just shooting the jerk.
And of course, the best revenge will be, as they say, living well and virus-free. This afternoon I shall put Ms.B's plan into action and hopefully be rid of the thing.

I'll be back to normal blogging in no time!