Monday, January 12, 2009

At their school back in Africa, the main sports activity for the kids was swimming.
But here in the French Alps, they SKI!

So, the twins' class headed off to their first "classe de neige" today. (That's "snow class" in English. So cute!). The teachers and kids will spend every day this week out on the slopes. Luckily, the slopes are very near by. Just a ten minute drive from the school (and our house!) and you are at a nice little ski resort well-suited to all levels.
The twins, of course, were relegated to the lowest level, as they'd never, ever been on the slopes before.

Oh the shame of it.

Through sheer willpower and the force of extreme vexation, Alexa learned to ski well enough in one day to get her into the next level up.

I got to see all this firsthand, as I was (of course) one of the "helper moms".
As I am strictly a cross-country skier, I couldn't help much with the ski lessons. But I went up to help serve lunch and then stayed out on the bunny slope helping the twins' very pregnant teacher manage the beginner's group. The village school board had said they couldn't afford to pay an actual instructor for the smallest group. Good thinking there.
At least it was a GORGEOUS day and we ended up having lots of fun. Except for the poor teacher, who looked absolutely exhausted by the end...


babzee said...

There are those of us who not-so-secretly believe your life is one unending exotic vacation. Thanks for reinforcing the fantasy!

oreneta said...

That's one tough teacher...goodness. Glad it was a nice day though, and you survived the party with the teens.

Beth said...

Babs-You're absolutely right. I wish you could come and see first hand!!

Rocky- Nat (the teacher) is a real trooper. I have committed to going with the lowest ski group every day, so that she can avoid getting too horribly tired out!